Restore the Middle Class

Support Our Veterans

Improve Our Healthcare

Chuck Enderlin Congressional Candidate Georgia 3rd

The Issues


Income inequality is the biggest internal threat facing our country. Our middle class is shrinking—currently, the top 1% of Americans own 40% of the nation’s wealth while the bottom 80% of Americans share only 10%.


Until recently, the American Dream meant that those who are willing to work the hardest could move beyond the economic class in which they were born. At present this is nearly impossible. Our system can be fixed, however, with a multi-pronged approach:


1) Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and tie future increases to inflation. This would create more consumers, allow people to support themselves and their children, and reduce the number of people needing government assistance.


2) Institute a sensible tax system. The Tax Cut Act of 2017 contained temporary deductions for the middle and lower classes. Because taxes are scheduled to increase significantly in future years, however, the initial cuts amount to nothing more than a payday loan. The tax cut should be permanent for those with incomes below $400,000; those making more than that should pay their fair share. A higher tax on the top .1% will allow us to finally begin addressing our national debt. Furthermore, corporate tax loopholes must be closed because at present they allow many profitable companies to avoid paying taxes altogether.


3) Improve our nation’s transportation, internet, and energy infrastructure to ensure a future of meaningful, well-paying jobs for all Americans. Ultimately, every American deserves the opportunity to work in a stable field.


Our nation’s position of leadership in the world is based chiefly on our economic success, and every policy we enact has an impact. Through understanding these interconnected ideas, we can forge a stable future.


Health care is not a ‘Republican’ or a ‘Democrat’ issue. It is a fundamental human right, and it is time for the United States to take the lead in making care available to every citizen.


The World Healthcare Organization has ranked America in 37th place when it comes to health care. During the past year, the number of uninsured Americans has greatly increased. An estimated 5% of children and 10-12% of adults do not have any health coverage whatsoever. Chronic health issues have pushed many Americans out of the workforce. Others who have experienced medical emergencies are forced into bankruptcy through no fault of their own.


Those who do not have health insurance cannot get preventive care. They must rely solely on expensive emergency room visits which in turn increase everyone’s costs. Entrepreneurs, part-time employees, and people in certain industries often do not have access to health insurance in their price range.


The solution is to make public health care available to anyone who wants it. If private insurance is too expensive, any citizen should have the option to purchase Medicare as an insurance plan at a reasonable rate. By creating a public option through a Medicare buy-in program, we can provide healthcare for the millions who still need it while gently easing America into a public healthcare system.


Implementing a Medicare-for-all option will ultimately reverse the trend of increasing healthcare costs for both consumers and providers, and its impact will have far-reaching economic implications. It also will ensure that rural areas do not lose access to clinical care. Most importantly, it is the right thing to do.


America has neglected its veterans for too long. When brave patriots go to war, they do so with a willingness to sacrifice their lives for the freedoms and rights everyday citizens enjoy. Sadly, many veterans are returning home only to grapple with unemployment, homelessness, or thoughts of suicide. At present, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is unable to adequately address the educational, vocational, financial, and medical needs of the millions of American veterans because of insufficient funding.


Too often in Congress, the phrase “support the troops” means giving money to private government contractors rather than directing funds towards military personnel. The VA needs to be funded at 100%. Currently there is an effort to privatize the VA; this would mean veterans would receive vouchers for civilian treatment  instead of access to doctors who are accustomed to addressing post-traumatic stress disorder, head trauma, amputation, Gulf War Syndrome, and burn pit exposure.


As a veteran, Chuck is acutely aware of the physical, mental, and emotional toll of warfare. To adequately care for our veterans’ unique needs, Congress must fund the VA, not dismantle it. The United States needs to invest not only in equipment and facilities, but also in doctors, nurses, and other personnel who help our wounded veterans recover and continue living fulfilling lives. It is time that the United States assumes the debt it owes veterans and cares for them upon their return.


America is the only nation on Earth where mass school shootings are a regular occurrence.  An entire generation has become accustomed to nearly weekly school shootings, but no student can reach his or her full academic potential under the threat of such violence.   


Schools need to be a place of safety and security. We can end the violence by instituting common sense reforms like universal background checks, improved mental health care screenings, and requirements for training and certification for weapons owners. Those who are careless with their weapons and leave them unsecured must be held responsible if they are used in mass shootings. We must insist on a weapons culture of safety and responsibility much like the one found in our armed forces.  


America has the tools to end school violence without infringing on 2nd Amendment rights, but we must elect leaders with the desire to prioritize students over bullets.

Because Chuck advocates for gun violence prevention and recognizes the need for common sense gun safety reforms, he has been given the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes.


Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable, and Chuck will fight every instance of inequality no matter how it is disguised. Much of the discrimination in American is institutional but improvements can be made in three major areas:


1) Reform the criminal justice system so that is does not disproportionately penalize Black Americans.


2) Insist on equal pay for equal work so that women and minorities are no longer routinely paid less than their white male colleagues.


3) Ratify an equal rights amendment that specifies gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes so that those who are LGBTQ can no longer be denied medical care, family rights, and protection from employer discrimination.  


The workforce of tomorrow requires a robust education system today. This consists of controlling the escalating costs of college, offering alternative opportunities to repay student loans, and ensuring states have the facilities and teachers they need to educate students. Student loans should be viewed as an investment in the future, not as a source of funding for the treasury.


Local leaders should remain in control of education policy for their jurisdictions, but the federal government needs to provide better direction. We must ensure that a child born in Thomaston receives the same educational opportunities as a child born in Peachtree City. We can do this by setting academic standards, emphasizing critical thinking skills, enhancing teacher pay and facilities budgets, and partnering with businesses on programs like the Georgia Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (GACATT).


The federal government’s impact on education can be tremendously positive, especially when it comes to support for measures like Title 1 and funding for before-and-after school care. All Americans should have the opportunity to receive a good education and use their God-given gifts to the best of their abilities.


As a Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps Officer, Chuck understands the degree to which politics, diplomacy, economic success, and military action are intertwined. Ultimately, America is at its most secure when we are at our most prosperous.  The world is constantly changing, and United States must be able to adapt to the shifting defense environment.


The United States is no longer the sole power in the world. The current administration is understaffed and inexperienced, causing America’s global diplomatic reach to wither and allowing other countries to take a larger role in world affairs. China’s economic and military prowess has made it possible for them to challenge the United States for supremacy in Asia. North Korea has unquestioningly become an nuclear power and must be treated as such. The threat of fanatical terrorism remains despite decades of war.


It is time for our nation to regain its footing. Reclaiming our position of leadership will require more than purchasing new airplanes or bigger bombs. It will require a renewed focus on changing environments, diplomatic outreach, recognizing enemy capabilities, and our own economic strength.


Chuck has received the endorsement of the Sustainable Politician Project because he understands the greatest external threat to the United States: Earth’s changing environment. Regardless of the various terminology used, the reality is that our planet faces uncertainty from the disruption to Earth’s long-term climate. We must address this immediately.


Economically, changing agriculture patterns will alter population centers and global trade. As once abundant resources dwindle, conflicts will break out in previously peaceful areas. Infrastructure will have to be rebuilt to accommodate changing temperatures, sea states, and energy needs.  At present, the United States military is making plans for the future abandonment of Naval Station Norfolk due to rising sea levels.


Addressing the issue will require collaboration from business, government, activists, and every citizen of this country. The United States must maintain a carbon tax, hold to the promises we made in the Paris Agreement, and move towards more sustainable energy sources. We cannot afford to fail in this effort, but only unity will bring us success.


The core of America’s democracy lies in the ability of citizens to vote. Regrettably, restrictions have been placed on this right since the birth of our country. These restrictions are, and have always been, an attack on basic human rights.


The infringement of voting rights must end. Unfortunately, the federal government’s ability to do so is impeded by a coalition of opposition in Congress, state legislatures, and the judicial system. However, there are steps we can take that will simultaneously ensure every citizen’s ability to vote and will increase voter turnout.


Like many states, Georgia does not offer vote-by-mail. This change must be enacted at the state level, but the federal government can encourage this transition by paying for the implementation of vote-by-mail system in any state that requests it. This system, used to great effect in the state of Washington, allows people to vote when it is convenient to them, provides a paper trail in case of a recount, and is proven to increase voter participation.


Vote-by-mail reforms achieve security, increase participation, and reduce costs. Election participation is vital to a healthy democracy, and we must emphasize growing the vote.

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Committee to Elect Chuck Enderlin
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