The workforce of tomorrow requires a robust education system today. This consists of controlling the escalating costs of college, offering alternative opportunities to repay student loans, and ensuring states have the facilities and teachers they need to educate students. Student loans should be viewed as an investment in the future, not as a source of funding for the treasury.


Local leaders should remain in control of education policy for their jurisdictions, but the federal government needs to provide better direction. We must ensure that a child born in Thomaston receives the same educational opportunities as a child born in Peachtree City. We can do this by setting academic standards, emphasizing critical thinking skills, enhancing teacher pay and facilities budgets, and partnering with businesses on programs like the Georgia Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (GACATT).


The federal government’s impact on education can be tremendously positive, especially when it comes to support for measures like Title 1 and funding for before-and-after school care. All Americans should have the opportunity to receive a good education and use their God-given gifts to the best of their abilities.