Chuck has received the endorsement of the Sustainable Politician Project because he understands the greatest external threat to the United States: Earth’s changing environment. Regardless of the various terminology used, the reality is that our planet faces uncertainty from the disruption to Earth’s long-term climate. We must address this immediately.


Economically, changing agriculture patterns will alter population centers and global trade. As once abundant resources dwindle, conflicts will break out in previously peaceful areas. Infrastructure will have to be rebuilt to accommodate changing temperatures, sea states, and energy needs.  At present, the United States military is making plans for the future abandonment of Naval Station Norfolk due to rising sea levels.


Addressing the issue will require collaboration from business, government, activists, and every citizen of this country. The United States must maintain a carbon tax, hold to the promises we made in the Paris Agreement, and move towards more sustainable energy sources. We cannot afford to fail in this effort, but only unity will bring us success.


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