National Defense

As a Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps Officer, Chuck understands the degree to which politics, diplomacy, economic success, and military action are intertwined. Ultimately, America is at its most secure when we are at our most prosperous.  The world is constantly changing, and United States must be able to adapt to the shifting defense environment.


The United States is no longer the sole power in the world. The current administration is understaffed and inexperienced, causing America’s global diplomatic reach to wither and allowing other countries to take a larger role in world affairs. China’s economic and military prowess has made it possible for them to challenge the United States for supremacy in Asia. North Korea has unquestioningly become an nuclear power and must be treated as such. The threat of fanatical terrorism remains despite decades of war.


It is time for our nation to regain its footing. Reclaiming our position of leadership will require more than purchasing new airplanes or bigger bombs. It will require a renewed focus on changing environments, diplomatic outreach, recognizing enemy capabilities, and our own economic strength.


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