Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid serve as our nation’s safety net. These programs protect those who need it most, and we must elect representatives dedicated to making them stronger, not eliminating them. This year, Congress voted in favor of legislation that will slash funding of these programs in 2019. If this comes to pass, the poverty and homeless rates will skyrocket and overwhelm our nation’s economy and infrastructure.

Rather than phase out Social Security altogether by continuously raising retirement ages and reducing benefits, we can instead eliminate the payroll tax cap. This would solve Social Security’s budgetary problems for generations to come. At present, everyone making less than $128,700 a year must pay social security taxes on 100% of their income but those making more pay only a fraction. This is an unfair loophole that is easy to fix and does not require increasing taxes on those making less than $400,000. Chuck Enderlin is firm in his belief that there should no net tax increases for this economic demographic. Rather, the current tax brackets need to be adjusted to reflect our modern economy.

When it comes to Medicare, an insurance plan that has helped deliver health care to thousands of Americans, our current representation would like to reverse course. Under Congress’ recently approved changes, Medicare would instead become an online coupon system for seniors. Seniors would go onto and purchase a plan from the individual marketplace, and then Medicare would reimburse a portion of the premium. In addition to this creating an unnecessary hassle, the value of the coupon would be tied to Chained CPI, a measurement that is designed to avoid keeping pace with inflation. There are currently no laws stopping insurance and pharmaceutical companies from increasing prices faster than inflation.

These factors force seniors to pay more and more out of pocket each year. Insurance premiums will be higher than the Medicare rate of $809 per person. The solution is Medicare public option to strengthen the Medicare system. Younger enrollees will lower costs, and a wider population of enrollees will spur innovation and increase savings for millions of Americans.

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