Veteran's Issues

America has neglected its veterans for too long. When brave patriots go to war, they do so with a willingness to sacrifice their lives for the freedoms and rights everyday citizens enjoy. Sadly, many veterans are returning home only to grapple with unemployment, homelessness, or thoughts of suicide. At present, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs is unable to adequately address the educational, vocational, financial, and medical needs of the millions of American veterans because of insufficient funding.


Too often in Congress, “supporting the troops” means giving money to private government contractors rather than directing funds towards military personnel. The VA needs to be funded at 100%. Currently there is an effort to privatize the VA; this would mean veterans would receive vouchers for civilian treatment  instead of access to doctors who are accustomed to addressing post-traumatic stress disorder, head trauma, amputation, Gulf War Syndrome, and burn pit exposure.


As a veteran, Chuck is acutely aware of the physical, mental, and emotional toll of warfare. To adequately care for our veterans’ unique needs, Congress must fund the VA, not dismantle it. The United States needs to invest not only in equipment and facilities, but also in doctors, nurses, and other personnel who help our wounded veterans recover and continue living fulfilling lives. It is time that the United States assumes the debt it owes veterans and cares for them upon their return.


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