Voting Rights

The core of America’s democracy lies in the ability of citizens to vote. Regrettably, restrictions have been placed on this right since the birth of our country. These restrictions are, and have always been, an attack on basic human rights.


The infringement of voting rights must end. Unfortunately, the federal government’s ability to do so is impeded by a coalition of opposition in Congress, state legislatures, and the judicial system. However, there are steps we can take that will simultaneously ensure every citizen’s ability to vote and will increase voter turnout.


Like many states, Georgia does not offer vote-by-mail. This change must be enacted at the state level, but the federal government can encourage this transition by paying for the implementation of vote-by-mail system in any state that requests it. This system, used to great effect in the state of Washington, allows people to vote when it is convenient to them, provides a paper trail in case of a recount, and is proven to increase voter participation.


Vote-by-mail reforms achieve security, increase participation, and reduce costs. Election participation is vital to a healthy democracy, and we must emphasize growing the vote.


Committee to Elect Chuck Enderlin
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