On The Issues

A leader's values are expressed by their actions and policies, and these actions have a profound impact on American families. When our families thrive our country thrives. Families depend on their elected representatives to fight to ensure this prosperity. I will make sure that hardworking Americans can support their families, secure future success for their children, and be ready for any challenges we must face.

The benefits of a good economy should not be given solely to a small handful of elites: if Congress gets a raise, America should get a raise. We are the wealthiest nation on earth and it's time all American families benefit from our prosperity. A person should be able to support their family with forty hours a week of honest work. We must ensure that every American has a living wage, and that we do not base our economic ideas on the jobs of the past but rather those of the future.

We must ensure the next generation of Americans has the knowledge and skills to be successfull by providing states with tools for their unique needs. America's leadership is based on a foundation of knowledge, a willingness to try new things, and the ability to learn from others. This thirst for education cannot come with crippling debt, and we must reform our student loan policies to guarantee no one is punished for making this country better. If we do not provide young Americans the education they need, then we guarantee America's position in the world will be diminished.

Every American has a right to their health. We cannot pretend that we care about protecting Americans' life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness if they cannot rely on needed medical care. The most effective and most responsible option is to lower health care costs so that no American fears bankruptcy in order to care for family members. Republicans and Democrats must come together, take the best of their ideas, and come up with a solution that improves care and lowers costs for all Americans. Military insurance, or Tricare, serves as a great model for how public and private interests can work together to benefit everyone.

The threats we face come from a combination of traditional foes in other nations, new ideologies intent on taking freedoms, and the challenges emerging as resources shrink. We must be able to assess threats for what they are, to accept information that challenges our assumptions, and to take the most effective steps to protect the brave Americans serving abroad and their families back home. Part of this entails reforming how we buy equipment, making sure we buy tools we need for the future instead of the weapons we needed years ago.

Veterans face unique challenges when they come home. We cannot claim to support our fighting men and women if we do not care for them upon their return. This goes beyond healthcare, and requires us to ensure those who risk everything are not abandoned by their country after they return. Our veterans make extraordinary sacrifices for us; we must make sure their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

National Impact, Local Focus

My views are shaped by the values I learned growing up and practice as an adult. Following these values of unconditional love, selfless care for our neighbors, and endless hospitality is challenging, but the rewards never end. If you want to dig further into any of these issues at a town hall, a forum, or a meeting with your group over coffee let us know. Whoever you are, whatever your views, I want to meet, hear, and discuss with as many members of this district as I can. Talk to us, and we'll schedule meetings with as many people and groups as we can. If you have more specific questions, we want to hear them. Please let us know, and we'll figure out how I can help you as your representative.